Walk & Run

Getting up at 4.15am to go for my morning run at the moment is near impossibility, so decision made I would walk to work and run back home.  Giving me the training I desperately need for my Moon Walk in May and also getting a much needed run in.

4 miles to work started with dreaded drizzle, thankfully clearing part way there and ended up being a pleasant amble in.  After spending the whole day worrying about the run home the time came to set off, its been 2 weeks since my last run although I have been cycling I have also put weight on.  Stats show that 6lb weight gain leads to 18lb through your joints and boy can you feel it.  With the addition of a badly fitting rucksack it was harder than expected.

1 mile in I wanted to give in and walk the rest, 2 miles in I wanted to cry, my back hurt, my shoulders hurt and the damn rucksack was driving me mad.  3 miles and I figure I only have killer hill to go.  Walsall Road is so much fun on the way down, on the way back up not so and always at the end of a day!!

Enter mantra ‘I can do this, I will do this’  All the way to the top, and I did do it!


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