To Clip In or Not to Clip In ….

… that is the question???

And one I have been battling with for over a year.  Yes a year and yes I am a sissy!!

I bought my pedals last year and probably made the fatal mistake of going for dual pedals, which left me a choice of using my good old faithful trainers or wearing the SPD’S.

I know that this breaks almost every road cyclist code of ethics but hey I never have played by the book.

Reading and watching way too many articles on the dreaded ‘first clip in tumble’ and fearing mine, as you can guarantee it would be in front of that packed bus or worse still the dreaded vehicle with Dash Cam! (Making me an overnight  YouTube sensation) I stuck with my ‘old faithfuls’

Two weeks ago I got given  really expensive pair of SPD’S they are used and a little tired but they were given to me and will more than do the job.

So today was brave it and face it day. 

I can’t say I loved my morning ride as much as usual having to think about un-clipping each time I came to a stop… before I came to the stop…. Thankfully. But ‘I can and I will’ got me there.

Homeward bound was not at all fun the rain was so heavy and what with struggling to see, stressing over the clip ins and dodging impatient drivers I was more than happy to un-clip and put my bike away for the night.

Will I do it again tomorrow?

Yes (so long as it’s not raining!!!)


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