Yoga Yeah!

Thanks to the lovely, very patient, calming Jayne my 1st attempt at Yoga was actually very nice.

Relaxation is not something that comes easily to me but Jayne asked all the right questions to start with to get an understanding of me and what I am like.

The class, considering it was the ‘Gentle’ class was HARD work.  I stretched parts I didn’t know existed.  I realised I pull my shoulders up and need to let them relax.  I realised I am not at all flexible (Well I knew that anyway but didn’t realise I was quite this bad) but according to Jayne I was quite a good student. 

I listened, I followed and I relaxed ands best as possible.

I need to work on my Downward Dog, but loved, loved, loved the Cobra and the Warrior pose.

I left feeling semi-detached, full of spirit and light hearted.

1 hour of hard work and indulgence in myself was good and I will be back there. You never know I may even get promotion to the next level one day .


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