TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio

I bought my Multi-Sport Cardio over a year ago now and it has become one of my most valued pieces of equipment, even more so now I am using it properly to assist with my training.

I needed something that what going to record more than one sport my main two are running and cycling.  I started out with a Samsung Gear to go with my phone but found its accuracy a little suspect.  I could run for 13 miles and it would record 8??!! So after deliberating and driving myself nuts researching and confusing myself and also not wanting to spend an absolute fortune (at the stage of buying it I was still only a beginner and whether i sustained the running/cycling was debatable!) I went to TomTom a brand i trust as i have used their SatNavs for years.

My TomTom spent its first year purely recording, time, pace and heart rate as I didn’t even consider it main purpose, to help you train! (yes i am blonde!!)  So now that I am on a training plan for my Half Marathon in April, followed by my Full Marathon in October I am tackling all these weird and wonderfully named training sessions like threshold, fartlek, continuous hills & progression.

Enter my Multi-Sport’s new and truly incredible use…..

It has a built in heart rate monitor, an absolute must if you want to avoid chest straps

It pairs via bluetooth with my Samsung S6 making it so easy to download my run/cycle info to the TomTom app

It can be set for training in several different areas:

Race which i have not used yet! Goals which can be set on your time, distance or calories, I use this now regularly for my long run timing.

Zone which can be set to measure and keep you in a certain pace zone or heart rate zone.

Laps I use when doing progress training, I set the lap time i.e 10 minutes and the amount of laps, the Multi-Sport vibrates at the end of each 10 minute section so you know to move onto the next stage.

Intervals the most used training section on this watch for me, I use this for the threshold training and hill training and do not know why i have never used it before it is awesome.  I set a warm up time, a work time, a recovery time, the amount of sets and then a cool down time. The Multi-Sport vibrates at the end of each section so you don’t even need to look at it which in winter when piled up with layers its a total blessing

There is one more element to the watch that I haven’t covered, swimming.  Mainly because I don’t at the moment go swimming and if I do it is not for training purposes, but the bonus to the swimming means the Multi-Sport is totally waterproof.


I even manged to get myself a girly pink strap for it.

I love my TomTom Multi-Sport so much and would recommend to anyone who wants a really good, accurate, easy to use training watch.


Hill Training

Day 20 and it was hill training. My goal 3 x 6 minutes continuous at Threshold with 3 minute recovery. 

The first 6 minutes were just about bearable, the 3 minute recovery however was appreciated. The next 2 sets were incredibly hard. I could not get my breath and my legs hurt. I had to slow down during the threshold section I just couldn’t keep the pace up. Even the downhill parts hurt

I live in a hilly area so do have the benefit of having to run hills most days but I only go up once, not continuously up and down. I didn’t expect it to be easy but also not as hard as it was. 

I can see why it is part of my training plan though as the strength, endurance and stamina it builds is fantastic. Similar to that in my threshold training but harder. 

I found it tough but I didn’t give in and I will be back on it next week. I will try harder and it will be worth it.  

Rest Day

Rest days are always a bit of a struggle. You feel you need to rest but then have the urge to get out there and go for it.

The rest is almost as important and the training though. Your body and muscles need time to repair and in fairness so does your mind. Training pushes every part of you mentally and physically so taking time out is required to ensure not only optimal performance but also the desire to keep pushing.

My rest day today has been used trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow mornings Progression Training. 

10 minutes easy pace, 10 minutes comfort pace and 10 minutes threshold. Easy and comfort not a problem, threshold however, for 10 minutes I am dreading. I know I will do it or at least give it my all in trying and I know this because I want it so much and know to achieve my end goal I have too.


Remember to Press Go!!

Day 9 – Threshold Training

I went to bed dreading this mornings training. Last week was really tough, I felt today was going to be worse as I felt I had to push myself harder.

Almost 10 minutes into my warm up, which in itself is only 10 minutes I checked my TomTom only to realise I hadn’t pressed GO! What a numpty. 

So setting it again for a further minute to let me get my head into gear to face the first of my 3 x 5 Minute sessions. 
Threshold #1 hurt alot, on a slight downhill stretch perhaps I started off too quickly as soon as I hit the flat my legs burned and I felt I couldn’t catch my breath. Going back to my training with Running With Us and remembering that during Threshold I should still be able to speak 3-4 words I gave it a go. Looking very slightly mad and only managing 1 I slowed the pace a little.

Why does 5 minutes seem to last forever? Finally recovery and……….breathe! 2 more to go.  #2 Came at the most dreaded part of this route, I cannot say why as it’s not a difficult stretch but it gets me everytime and  I always struggle. All I keep hoping is that my 5 minutes runs out before I hit the Hill!

Recovery 2 comes at just the right time, enough for me to ensure that I get up the hill in recovery mode before threshold #3 starts. I did manage to make it to the top before my last 5 minutes starts but hadn’t factored in that the hill would leave me breathless to begin with. 

So off I went on threshold #3. The end could not have come soon enough. 10 minutes cooldown run home was a sheer joy.

I am sure that I will grow to love these sessions when  I think back I used to find running just as hard but now at my comfort pace nothing makes me happier than running. This training is so important for giving me the best level of fitness to succeed with all of my 2017 races and maybe even smash a few PB’S?? So even though I find them incredibly hard each week I will be out there trying. 

Day 7 Sunrise

Day 7 – 45 to 50 minute Easy Run

Out bright, breezy and bushy tailed this morning for Day 7.  -3° on set off and a beautiful, bright, crisp and fresh morning. 

I always find the 1st mile hard, but this morning was nearly all downhill so it was a breeze. I decided to take a turn past Alexander Stadium and I am so very glad I did. Turning the corner into the stadium I caught the most gorgeous sunrise. 

Getting to see something as gorgeous as a red glowing sun lighting up the sky was a true treat and makes getting out of bed early on a Sunday morning fully worthwhile.

By the time I got home the sun was gone so I felt rather blessed yet again that I run.

New Nutrition with Nutricode

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Nutricode have released 5 packages to compliment each other and every area of your life. 

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The Nutricode Ap

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Fats Me Up Smoothie

What a fab start to any day.

Nutritious, filling and so tasty. 

My son just loves this smoothie frozen as as lollipop. (Little does he know it contains his arch enemy The Avocado!!)

Taken from Joe Wicks, Lean In 15.  It is one of his low carb recipies perfect for your rest days.

It surprises me that a liquid drink can actually full you up and keep you full until lunch time and without the addition of any nasty bulking agents. 

100% natural and fresh so all of the nutrients from the avocado, Greek yogurt, limes and fruits are at their best.