Give 100% of 80%

Friday 13th!

Well we survived the ‘Thunder Snow’ in Birmingham anyway, more of a Snow fart if i am honest.  And now…… all gone!

So being a sissy and all that I changed my run schedule around to avoid the snow that was forecast for this morning and ran yesterday, I must admit it was a good choice. Yesterday was cold but not freezing and I got the sheer pleasure of running under an almost full moon.  I am not sure what it is about the moon but it fills me with a sense of true peace.


Alarm O’clock and I did NOT want to get out of bed, however I made myself, dragged myself down the stairs and attacked my HIIT workout.


The method in the madness of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is that it confuses the body doing high intensity bursts for a short period, followed by a short recovery period and repeating.  By doing this your body burns fat and keeps burning fat all day long! And believe me at moments its is not just my body that is confused.

HIIT does however suit me down to the ground.  I get bored in exercise classes that last an hour, HIIT is hard but quick, your heart rate goes through the roof and you sweat like a good un, but you can feel it working even after only a couple of sessions.

There really is no equipment needed to do HIIT, I follow two DVD’s (to stop the boredom) Joe Wicks, which uses nothing apart from your own body weight, press ups, squats, running, burpees etc etc, and HIIT at Home by Scott Baker.


With Scott Bakers version there is one piece of equipment that ideally you need, 2lb dumbells, I don’t have any however so use water bottles, they may not be quite 2lb but at least it is something.  Scott works on a boxing training principle, he has trained boxers for 20 years so must know what he is talking about.  He has a really fresh, light approach to the session, pushing you but at the same time encouraging you if you are not able to do all of the moves, (some are really hard).

He mentions on every session “Some days you may only feel 80% like doing it, that’s fine so long as you give 100% of that 80%”


There are days when you don’t feel like it, when you want to stay in bed, or curl up on the couch and just chill, but sometimes the best thing about actually doing it is making yourself.


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