Running With Us

Saturday 14th January was a day I probably won’t forget.

I had the great honour of not only visiting Alzheimers Society HQ but also of experiencing a group training session with the amazing Nick and Mel from Running with Us

From start to finish the day was fun, informative and inspiring. I learnt that whilst I thought running 3-4 times a week was good the way I was running was not actually training my body and heart to improve my performance.

I had shy’d away from threshold training, partly as I didn’t understand it and partly because I enjoy running, but at my pace. Threshold training filled me with dread and scared me that I would end up hating running.

I learnt about running style, how to stretch properly after a running session and to stretch daily, about protein replacements and energy gels and much more.

Most importantly I learnt how I am going to make it through this marathon and across the finish line fit and well.

Alzheimers Society gave me an insight into their amazing work and a valuable insight into training my body to run 26.2 miles.

For that I thank them. 


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