Remember to Press Go!!

Day 9 – Threshold Training

I went to bed dreading this mornings training. Last week was really tough, I felt today was going to be worse as I felt I had to push myself harder.

Almost 10 minutes into my warm up, which in itself is only 10 minutes I checked my TomTom only to realise I hadn’t pressed GO! What a numpty. 

So setting it again for a further minute to let me get my head into gear to face the first of my 3 x 5 Minute sessions. 
Threshold #1 hurt alot, on a slight downhill stretch perhaps I started off too quickly as soon as I hit the flat my legs burned and I felt I couldn’t catch my breath. Going back to my training with Running With Us and remembering that during Threshold I should still be able to speak 3-4 words I gave it a go. Looking very slightly mad and only managing 1 I slowed the pace a little.

Why does 5 minutes seem to last forever? Finally recovery and……….breathe! 2 more to go.  #2 Came at the most dreaded part of this route, I cannot say why as it’s not a difficult stretch but it gets me everytime and  I always struggle. All I keep hoping is that my 5 minutes runs out before I hit the Hill!

Recovery 2 comes at just the right time, enough for me to ensure that I get up the hill in recovery mode before threshold #3 starts. I did manage to make it to the top before my last 5 minutes starts but hadn’t factored in that the hill would leave me breathless to begin with. 

So off I went on threshold #3. The end could not have come soon enough. 10 minutes cooldown run home was a sheer joy.

I am sure that I will grow to love these sessions when  I think back I used to find running just as hard but now at my comfort pace nothing makes me happier than running. This training is so important for giving me the best level of fitness to succeed with all of my 2017 races and maybe even smash a few PB’S?? So even though I find them incredibly hard each week I will be out there trying. 


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