Hill Training

Day 20 and it was hill training. My goal 3 x 6 minutes continuous at Threshold with 3 minute recovery. 

The first 6 minutes were just about bearable, the 3 minute recovery however was appreciated. The next 2 sets were incredibly hard. I could not get my breath and my legs hurt. I had to slow down during the threshold section I just couldn’t keep the pace up. Even the downhill parts hurt

I live in a hilly area so do have the benefit of having to run hills most days but I only go up once, not continuously up and down. I didn’t expect it to be easy but also not as hard as it was. 

I can see why it is part of my training plan though as the strength, endurance and stamina it builds is fantastic. Similar to that in my threshold training but harder. 

I found it tough but I didn’t give in and I will be back on it next week. I will try harder and it will be worth it.  


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