TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio

I bought my Multi-Sport Cardio over a year ago now and it has become one of my most valued pieces of equipment, even more so now I am using it properly to assist with my training.

I needed something that what going to record more than one sport my main two are running and cycling.  I started out with a Samsung Gear to go with my phone but found its accuracy a little suspect.  I could run for 13 miles and it would record 8??!! So after deliberating and driving myself nuts researching and confusing myself and also not wanting to spend an absolute fortune (at the stage of buying it I was still only a beginner and whether i sustained the running/cycling was debatable!) I went to TomTom a brand i trust as i have used their SatNavs for years.

My TomTom spent its first year purely recording, time, pace and heart rate as I didn’t even consider it main purpose, to help you train! (yes i am blonde!!)  So now that I am on a training plan for my Half Marathon in April, followed by my Full Marathon in October I am tackling all these weird and wonderfully named training sessions like threshold, fartlek, continuous hills & progression.

Enter my Multi-Sport’s new and truly incredible use…..

It has a built in heart rate monitor, an absolute must if you want to avoid chest straps

It pairs via bluetooth with my Samsung S6 making it so easy to download my run/cycle info to the TomTom app

It can be set for training in several different areas:

Race which i have not used yet! Goals which can be set on your time, distance or calories, I use this now regularly for my long run timing.

Zone which can be set to measure and keep you in a certain pace zone or heart rate zone.

Laps I use when doing progress training, I set the lap time i.e 10 minutes and the amount of laps, the Multi-Sport vibrates at the end of each 10 minute section so you know to move onto the next stage.

Intervals the most used training section on this watch for me, I use this for the threshold training and hill training and do not know why i have never used it before it is awesome.  I set a warm up time, a work time, a recovery time, the amount of sets and then a cool down time. The Multi-Sport vibrates at the end of each section so you don’t even need to look at it which in winter when piled up with layers its a total blessing

There is one more element to the watch that I haven’t covered, swimming.  Mainly because I don’t at the moment go swimming and if I do it is not for training purposes, but the bonus to the swimming means the Multi-Sport is totally waterproof.


I even manged to get myself a girly pink strap for it.

I love my TomTom Multi-Sport so much and would recommend to anyone who wants a really good, accurate, easy to use training watch.


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