4am Alarm ZZZzzzz

This mornings alarm was not appreciated. It felt like I had only fallen asleep at 2am and then the alarm goes off at 4am!!  I would have loved to hit snooze and give myself another hour.  I didn’t though I dragged myself up and out and I am so glad I did. 

The first section of 10 minutes easy pace was as you would expect… easy. I used to struggle at this pace when I started doing it, partly because it is slower than I would usually run and partly because I felt that unless I was running as fast as I could (which I have now realised was not my fastest) it wasn’t worth doing. Easy pace is conversational pace and it’s really enjoyable even the hills are fun.

The second section steady is clearly faster than easy but still a nice pace, the hills are a little harder but on the flat it’s fab. 

The third section at threshold for 10 minutes I was dreading, I always do dread it because I am pushing my body into discomfort and why would i want to do that?? Well i do it because it is necessary. To build stamina, increase heart strength and build endurance. If I am honest with myself I actually quite enjoy it. I love it when my TomTom vibrates to tell me the 10 minutes is over and I have completed it and not given in, it gives me such a sense of achievement. 

It is a weird thing, I used to go out and run at one pace and complete each run, sometimes faster than the last. In doing progress training I thought I would be running the route slower as it is three different paces, 1 if which is much slower than usual, but at then end of this session I have smashed 2 goals and got a fab miles per minute time of 8.44! 

I even had the crazy thought after completing my run of cycling into work . Half way there I realised it probably was crazier than I imagined. But I did it.


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