Wonderful Weekend

Friday was such a great day. I pushed my boundaries and ran a training session then rode to work. Usually I would do one or the other.

I did this mainly because I knew I was going to miss a session Saturday with a long day travelling looking for a new car for my husband.

Saturday was a really long day over 400 miles including a drive through London, and then from London down to Somerset. Both places bared fruitless. 

This morning I had the sheer joy of running the area I grew up in. Staying over at my parents I had an amazing run. It was fresh and crisp a little slippy underfoot in places but I saw another amazing sunrise, coming up over a slight fog. 

I had a 6o minute target and in that ran 7.1 miles, smashed my 10k time and loved every single second. I wasn’t pushing myself as the run was down as easy pace but even doing that I still smashed my 1ok time, I am so thrilled.

After only 3 weeks on the training plan i can already see and feel it working better than  I could ever have dreamed. 

I am so excited to start week 4. Run 1 is going to be with a 4 legged partner!!! Fingers crossed it will work out well and not a total disaster! 



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