A Scarey Thought

When you realise that in 8 months you will be embarking on a run that is the exact same distance from Droitwich to your home…. 26.2 miles!!

It was a 27 minute journey in the car, on foot I am anticipating a sub 5 hour run! (God willing), never before have I paid that much attention to how far it actually is….. a very long way!

I walked 26.2 during the Moon Walk and distinctly remember saying anyone who runs that distance must be totally insane. Why, why, why would anyone run 26.2 miles??!!?? Above all WANT to run it.

And now here I am preparing for the exact challenge I thought people were mad for attempting. I fear this challenge like nothing before, I dread this challenge like I cannot say. But the fear and dread are of me failing. I cannot fail.

I am so determined that I will do this and when my determination wavers I will remind myself why I am doing it. I am doing it to raise essential money for Alzheimers Society to help with the undeniably incredible work they do to help not only the sufferer but also the family, friends and carers of anyone suffering from dementia.



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