Adidas Pure Boost Xpose

So I had a conversation with my hubby the other night it went a little like this…

Me: ‘There is a sale on trainers at TK Maxx any chance we could pop up there?’

Hubby ‘You have 2 pairs why do you need more?’

Me ‘I use them everyday, am training for a marathon and surely a girl can never have too many pairs of trainers!’

Hubby ‘I never thought I would see you getting excited over a sale on trainers!’

Me ‘So can we go then?’ 

Hubby ‘Oh meant to tell you I bought some new wheels for my bike’

Me ‘How many wheels does one bike need?’

Hubby ‘Well they were on sale!!!!!!’


So I got me some new Trainers!

I already have a pair of Adidas Supernova Glide which took a little breaking in but now are really great runners. 

So after mooching and searching and reading and confusing myself because there is so much choice out there, most of which really is down to people’s personal preference I decided on a second pair of Adidas.

This time the Pure Boost Xpose in wait for it…… Bright Orange. 

The Pure Boost Xpose are women specific running shoes, designed by Adidas to respond with the way a female foot moves as she runs.  They have a really cool ‘floating arch’ which gives the shoes a totally different look to other shoes out there:

This is designed to hug your arch and adapts with your foot plus the Boost sole returns energy to you with every step.

The shoe itself has a sock like opening without any tongues and I must say I didn’t miss a tongue, right from the second you put these shoes on they feel like a pair of your favorite slippers.
The front is a soft mesh with a cage style added support around the sides of your feet.  The back of the shoe is a little higher into the ankle than I am used to and I was concerned it would rub but it is so soft you don’t even notice it.

First run out and I covered 6.1 miles, being a total blonde (I can say that as I am!!) I had it in my head this was 1ok! Not quite. The Super Boost Xpose feel like you are running on air, they are light, comfortable and really really bouncy. On my faster downhill sections there were a few moments my feet wanted to run away from my legs.
The feeling of the shoe can only be described as the closest thing I can imagine to running bare foot, it feels like you have total control of every stride and although you can feel everything underfoot they are tough enough to stop anything hurting.  The grip seemed excellent although being a dry day that is difficult to comment on thoroughly. 

I am not sure i would want to run trails in them as whilst they are uber comfortable they are too soft a shoe to withstand that sort of running but for road running they are excellent. The farthest I have run in so far is 6 miles, they will be tested on my longer runs to see whether they will become my marathon shoe.
These are designed for neutral runners and weigh only 212g in the size 5.

I am  size 6 in normal shoes so for runners have to take a 7.5 to 8 in the Adidas shoes I always seem to need the larger size 8.

All in all these on first trial seem a pretty good shoe, comfortable, light, super bouncy and a great design, possibly one of the nicest looking shoes I own. 


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