Moon Walk Training Session 1

9am start for my first training session with my Moon Walk buddy Alex. Heading over to hers snow started hitting my windscreen ‘what are we doing?’ and ‘thank goodness I went back for my coat!!’ Went through my mind. This was not forecast.

Our plan is to walk from Walsall to Sutton via Barr Beacon. Bright eyed and bushy tailed (in our heads!!) off we go.

We need to complete 26.2 miles, the marathon route in May for the Moon Walk. Neither of us are unfit and both already pretty active so we have a solid starting block but 26 miles is kind of a long way.

7 miles down we reach Sutton grab a coffee and head back. About 10 miles in I am really starting to feel the ache. We keep up pace and thankfully the last stretch is all downhill.

Based on our current pace it would take us 7 -8 hours to complete.  After 4 hours and 14 miles we are both done in.

I am beginning to wonder whether I am fit enough to do this, I thought I was but boy, today has made me realise that it is further than I could have imagined.  And will probably be harder than I thought.

It’s going to be 3 months of train, train, train.

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