Bad Run Day 

So I didn’t love that run, but I did it. 

At so many stages I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. I even thought about calling my hubby to pick me up, but I didn’t. 

I have run further and faster than today before now but never struggled quite as much. Maybe the ride yesterday took a toll or maybe the humidity. I just don’t know. 

The main thing is I didn’t quit and whilst it may not have been my favorite run there were parts that made me smile, 2 young kids cheering me on, for that I thank them! The cows lazing under a tree, such beautiful creatures. All of the wildlife I have seen and also getting most of the run in countryside. So all in all not my best but still worth it. 😊


What is 20 Seconds?

I am only on two wheels, I have no metal surrounding me, my protection is my skin.  I have no air bag to fall into should I crash, my protection is my helmet.  I only travel at an average speed of 13 miles per hour.  I have no anti-lock brakes to stop me in an emergency, I do not have 100 horse power plus to pull me away from a stop sign or junction, I have two legs!
I do not go on the roads on my bike to annoy you, I go on the roads on my bike to get to work, to try and improve my fitness and in essence to try and pro-long my life and be there for my husband and also my son to see him grow and get his own family.

I do all I can to keep out of your way as much as possible, I ride in the correct cycle lanes where available, I do not weave in and out of traffic ques, I sit patiently waiting my turn to go!  Where cycle lanes are not available I ride as close to the kerb as possible without causing danger to myself and you due to the hundreds of potholes, splits in the road and generally horrendous road surfaces. 

With all this in mind why do you pull out of junctions in front of me to try and beat me?  Is it to save yourself the 20 seconds it would have taken you to wait?

Why do you drive past me and then cut in front of me to turn left?  Is it to save yourself the 20 seconds it would have taken you to sit behind me and allow me to keep up speed and get through the junction safely.

Why do you try and beat me to the traffic lights that are on red just so you can hit your brakes and stop in front of me?  Is it to save yourself the 20 seconds it would have taken to sit behind me and wait?

Why do you try and pass me on blind bends with oncoming traffic pushing me into the gutter? Is it to save yourself the 20 seconds it takes me to get round the bend for you to then pass safely?

Why do you drive with your passenger wheels in the cycle lane just to intimidate me? I am allowed to be there I am not in your way, I am not delaying you 20 seconds.

Why do you sit behind me at an island revving your engine sat on my back wheel pushing me to pull out when it is not safe to do so? Is it to save yourself 20 seconds?

I ask these questions as I do not understand why I am causing you such a nuisance, and how 20 seconds are going to impact your day so dramatically?  

Should it be that god forbid you made an error in pushing me, driving to close, pulling out on me, passing me in unsafe places or intimidating me because I am a cyclist, your day will be delayed far more than 20 seconds and you run the risk of me never getting to see my son grow up and have a family of his own.

20 seconds will not improve your day, it will not make you noticeably earlier to work or your appointment or home.  But what it will do is give me a fighting chance of getting to work, or home, safely.

Please think before you get agitated with me for being on two wheels, I am only doing the same as you and trying to live my life.

Stand up to Cancer Celebrity Chase

Today’s 10k was well… tough to say the least.  I climbed and climbed and climbed more, I honestly thought my heart was going to explode. But when I reached the top my god it was worth it. 

Sadly as I was running a 10k Virtual Race (probably not the wisest idea bearing in mind the climb) I couldn’t stop to take a photo. But I did when I got to the bottom. 

I had a great run with breathtaking scenery. Came a respectable 3rd behind Mel C and Ore Oduba in not the best time ever but with the hill I did well to finish. 

10k in 56.50min still faster than my first 10k on flat ground back in September so pretty pleased with that. 

DAY 1 Marathon Training

​DAY 1 kicks off my marathon training. I simply can’t believe this day is here.  6 months ago I sat in a Marathon training session with Alzheimer’s Society in London and was told it was way to early to start training and I had to wait until June to begin. 

It felt like an age away but now here it is. 😨😨 Todays training involved a 4am HIIT session (which  included the impossible 2 Point plank) followed by a very windy cycle to work. Praying it dies down for my journey home! 

Aldridge Running Club 10k

What a great event. 

Seeing things from the other side as a Marshall was awesome.

The frontrunner went past my station 6k into the run in a time of 17.19 minutes. He finished in just over 32 minutes!!! Each and every runner put their heart and soul into this race, the final finisher especially, injured and struggling to walk let alone run, but determined to get to that finish line on her own was simply inspirational. 

The bobsled team running on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust in memory of Stephen Sutton work so hard raising money at these events and always bring it on with a smile and enthusiasm. 

I cannot wait to do this route, we as a club are not allowed to take part in our own event but run it ourselves during club on Tuesday evening. 

I am so proud to be part of Aldridge Running Club.

Beating my 10k PB

Sunday 30th April was an epic day for me, I took part in the Simply Health 10k Run in Birmingham.  Accompanied by my wonderful son I set off feeling nervous and wound up like a coil.  Not because I didn’t think I could do it but because I had set myself the target of getting a personal best.

In September 2016 I took part in the Womens Running Race Series 10k and got a great time of 58.58, my target for that race was to complete in under 60 minutes, it was my first race and the start of my true addiction to running.
My aim for the Birmingham 10k on Sunday was to get sub 54 minutes, then on 15th April i have no idea how but I went out and smashed the September time and ran a gobsmacking (for me anyway) 10k in 52.25, which elated and deflated me at the same time.  I could not see a way that I could or would beat this time.  I continued training to plan and worked myself up into a bit of a frenzy.

Being a non competitive person with other people it has come as a bit of a shock to me that I can be so competitive with myself, seeing it as a good thing though so that I am always pushing myself to be better, faster, fitter, stronger.  Something that never before have I done.

We got to Birmingham a little early which was great because I got to soak up the atmosphere and I have to say it really was electric, everyone buzzing, chatting, laughing, warming up, getting themselves ‘into the zone’ and all there for the same reason…. to run.
I started my run feeling happy and strong, very nervous but ready to tackle the 10km ahead of me.  I tried so hard not to check my watch to see how I was doing, pacing myself by trying to keep the 50 minute marker in my sights. This went really well until the 8th km when he started to pull away from me, partly because I was starting to struggle keeping up the pace and partly because at the end of the run coming out of the market area there is a massive (well not really massive, but it felt it) hill. 

Back on Jennens Road it flattened out I then hit the downhill coming into Curzon Street. Along came my second wind and my legs started powering me towards the finish line. Sadly forgetting the photographers along the way!!! Not the best pictures as a result.

Realising my finish time was 50.19 I was overjoyed 8 minute miles!!! I am still in dis-belief at doing it and ecstatic that I have.
2 years ago if someone had said I would be running 10k let alone running an 8 minute mile 10k I would have told them they were mad but a little bit of self belief and a whole lot of work I have.