Perfect Start to a Day

What an absolutely perfect start to my day.

4am wake up, well 4.10am after 2 snooze hits….zzzzzzzzz, not being 100% sure what the weather would be doing I slid out of bed with trepidation.  Dry outside, well that was a bonus and my phone telling me it was 2 degrees, not too cold.
I started the day with a 30 minute easy pace run from my training plan, whilst I still struggle staying in easy I did do loads better and got 65% within Zone 2 (easy), and 34% in zone 3 (steady).  I ran for 37 minutes, covered 3.69 miles and had a pace of 10.07 min/mile.  It was fresh outside, cooler than I expected and a little slippy underfoot in places but I had a great run.

I am not quite sure whether it is the lure on tonight’s pancakes and wanting to be able to eat them and not feel guilty, the red wine I intend to drink later, (pre birthday treat), the meal tomorrow night at my mom and dads, hopefully with cake, the deep seated desire not to have to get the bus or just sheer madness that pushed me to make the decision to walk to work.  Whatever is was I am so glad that I did, I got to see the most incredible sunrise, heard the birds singing and just gave myself the best possible start to the day.

My walk covered 4.05 miles in exactly 1 hour at a pace of 14.51 min/mile and I spent 53% in Zone 2, how does that work then?

I really have set myself up for a great day, I feel, revived, calm and extremely happy.
Just goes to show that exercise really does release happy endorphins, here’s to a truly great day. x


Sunday Long Run

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

Some runs are great, some runs are ok, some runs are tough and some runs are very tough! Today’s was a very tough one.  Personally I blame Joe Wicks!!! After doing his HIIT video on Friday, being a smarty pants and moving onto the next level my legs hurt.  No pain, no gain though.

I ran Saturday and felt it, Saturday night was a little achey, Sunday morning the ache was still there but it didn’t feel bad enough not too run, so off I go.  I gave myself a good 10 minute walk warm up figuring that should help, then set off at a nice steady pace, no way could I have pushed myself too much.

When I look back at the stats surprisingly I really didn’t do too bad.  Starting pace of 9.06 per mile, decreasing down to 10.10 which for 9.5 miles isn’t too shabby, especially with the ache I was enduring from around mile 6!  My legs felt like lead and I felt as though i was running through tar.

Coming down from the cross roads to Banners Gate in Sutton Park is all downhill but the ache and tiredness I felt was like nothing else, I wanted to give up and how I carried on I will never know.  I think it was possibly the thought of, ‘if i stop and walk I am going to be even later home and with a trip to Ikea planned it could very well be a huge mistake’ if my husband would have been at home, I have no doubt in my mind I would have been tempted to call him.

Unusually I had taken a drink with me, I don’t normally run with a drink but feel that as my runs are getting longer I really should get into the habit of carrying one, if I am totally honest the reason i don’t is because I don’t like carrying anything it drives me mad, plus not matter how god the bottle is, it always leaks.

At 9.5 miles finish I was exhausted and very relieved that I could stop, which makes me thin then how the devil am i going to manage 26.2 miles?

I walked 10 minutes home to cool down and hopefully stretch my aching muscles out, and then did a good 15 minute stretch out when i got home, which i have to say was pure bliss, followed by a steaming hot shower, sadly no sit down but perhaps keeping moving is actually better for you????


22nd February Training

I am writing this a day late, yesterdays training was:

10 minutes Zone 2 (easy pace) warm up

25 minutes Zone 4 (threshold)

5 minutes Zone 2 (easy pace) cooldown

The wind was blowing like a good one, a little like trying to run into a brick wall, then being pushed backwards by said brick wall!  Thankfully though Storm Doris wasn’t at full strength yesterday i really think i would have been blown away, or given up if the training was today!  It is actually the first time i am grateful of a rest day!

25 minutes at threshold really didn’t sound fun at all, and whilst i certainly didn’t laugh much, except when i fell down a kerb! (the ability to laugh at yourself is so important sometimes!) it was not as bad as i expected.  I kept checking my watch to ensure that i was within the correct zone and found the 25 minutes flew by, before i knew it I was at the top of the dreaded hill section, back onto the flat and the home straight.  I think my heart rate peaked on the hill but i ran through it and managed to keep the pace constant.


Finishing at 40.55 minutes and covering 4.5 miles which included 15 at easy pace really wasn’t too bad.  I always beat myself up about the warm up and cool down because i feel they are affecting my overall run time.  Sounds silly but I see these posts of people running 10k in truly incredible times and keep feeling like i am a bit of a failure as my time is nowhere near that.  But then I remind myself that i did not start this to be the best, i do not do it to be the best, i started it to try and improve my body and fitness and i do it now because i LOVE it.


Yummy Scrummy Brekkie


I so enjoyed today’s breakfast, a bit of a concoction taken from a few different recipes that I have seen over the last few months and one that i truly did not expect to work, but wow it really did!

Full of protein and goodness perfect post workout!

2tsp Chia Seeds

1tsp Macca Powder

50ml Almond Milk

Mix these three ingredients together and leave overnight.

100g Natural Greek Yogurt

1 Kiwi

1 Clementine

A handful of mixed berries

A few walnut halves

Mix the yogurt, kiwi and clementine together put on top of the over night Chia Seeds and then put the berries and nuts on top of that.




Brynn did Great 🐾

It’s not the greatest picture, but we were on the move! This is towards the end of our run and considering it was Brynn’s first he did super great!

We had a couple of wrong side of the tree/lamppost moments which were highly amusing and caused us both confusion, and Brynn decided to take a couple of unexpected stops! Leading to an emergency stop by me. 

It wasn’t my fastest run by any means, but it was great fun and wonderful to have some company. Shame really that he is my mom and dads dog and that I won’t get to run him everyday. 

4am Alarm ZZZzzzz

This mornings alarm was not appreciated. It felt like I had only fallen asleep at 2am and then the alarm goes off at 4am!!  I would have loved to hit snooze and give myself another hour.  I didn’t though I dragged myself up and out and I am so glad I did. 

The first section of 10 minutes easy pace was as you would expect… easy. I used to struggle at this pace when I started doing it, partly because it is slower than I would usually run and partly because I felt that unless I was running as fast as I could (which I have now realised was not my fastest) it wasn’t worth doing. Easy pace is conversational pace and it’s really enjoyable even the hills are fun.

The second section steady is clearly faster than easy but still a nice pace, the hills are a little harder but on the flat it’s fab. 

The third section at threshold for 10 minutes I was dreading, I always do dread it because I am pushing my body into discomfort and why would i want to do that?? Well i do it because it is necessary. To build stamina, increase heart strength and build endurance. If I am honest with myself I actually quite enjoy it. I love it when my TomTom vibrates to tell me the 10 minutes is over and I have completed it and not given in, it gives me such a sense of achievement. 

It is a weird thing, I used to go out and run at one pace and complete each run, sometimes faster than the last. In doing progress training I thought I would be running the route slower as it is three different paces, 1 if which is much slower than usual, but at then end of this session I have smashed 2 goals and got a fab miles per minute time of 8.44! 

I even had the crazy thought after completing my run of cycling into work . Half way there I realised it probably was crazier than I imagined. But I did it.

Rest Day

Rest days are always a bit of a struggle. You feel you need to rest but then have the urge to get out there and go for it.

The rest is almost as important and the training though. Your body and muscles need time to repair and in fairness so does your mind. Training pushes every part of you mentally and physically so taking time out is required to ensure not only optimal performance but also the desire to keep pushing.

My rest day today has been used trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow mornings Progression Training. 

10 minutes easy pace, 10 minutes comfort pace and 10 minutes threshold. Easy and comfort not a problem, threshold however, for 10 minutes I am dreading. I know I will do it or at least give it my all in trying and I know this because I want it so much and know to achieve my end goal I have too.