Bad Run Day 

So I didn’t love that run, but I did it. 

At so many stages I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. I even thought about calling my hubby to pick me up, but I didn’t. 

I have run further and faster than today before now but never struggled quite as much. Maybe the ride yesterday took a toll or maybe the humidity. I just don’t know. 

The main thing is I didn’t quit and whilst it may not have been my favorite run there were parts that made me smile, 2 young kids cheering me on, for that I thank them! The cows lazing under a tree, such beautiful creatures. All of the wildlife I have seen and also getting most of the run in countryside. So all in all not my best but still worth it. 😊


DAY 1 Marathon Training

​DAY 1 kicks off my marathon training. I simply can’t believe this day is here.  6 months ago I sat in a Marathon training session with Alzheimer’s Society in London and was told it was way to early to start training and I had to wait until June to begin. 

It felt like an age away but now here it is. 😨😨 Todays training involved a 4am HIIT session (which  included the impossible 2 Point plank) followed by a very windy cycle to work. Praying it dies down for my journey home! 

80 Minute Long Run

Today’s training run was 80 minutes, pace Easy.

I set up my watch but stupidly set two alerts on it, one for heart rate min and max, the other for pace min and max. I was so determined to stay within the easy zone, but after 10 minutes massively regretted the two alerts they drove me potty. What went through my head when I thought both would be useful??? 

Staying within the easy heart rate zone is so difficult I feel at times that I would be walking if I slowed down enough to keep my heart rate as low as it should be within this zone.  There apparently is method behind the madness and I am learning the whys from. Dr Phillip Maffetone’s book as we speak.  His philosophy and teaching is to slow right back, from what I have read each person he has trained also struggles and cannot understand the reasoning behind it but go on to say it really works.  I will keep trying though I am sure I will get there. 

Today was also my first try with energy gels, with it being an 80 Minute run I thought I would give one a go. In honesty I am really not sure I like them, sickly sweet and of course ever so slightly warm from being in my pocket! Thankfully I had been warned not to down the whole lot in one go, in actual fact I only managed half anyway. Perhaps they are an acquired taste and will grow on me, perhaps I will find other ways to fuel my body for the marathon!!?? 

With my long runs increasing I think I may need something to keep me going during them and when I think in October I have to run the distance between home and Droitwich nothing short of a small miracle with suffice. 

A Scarey Thought

When you realise that in 8 months you will be embarking on a run that is the exact same distance from Droitwich to your home…. 26.2 miles!!

It was a 27 minute journey in the car, on foot I am anticipating a sub 5 hour run! (God willing), never before have I paid that much attention to how far it actually is….. a very long way!

I walked 26.2 during the Moon Walk and distinctly remember saying anyone who runs that distance must be totally insane. Why, why, why would anyone run 26.2 miles??!!?? Above all WANT to run it.

And now here I am preparing for the exact challenge I thought people were mad for attempting. I fear this challenge like nothing before, I dread this challenge like I cannot say. But the fear and dread are of me failing. I cannot fail.

I am so determined that I will do this and when my determination wavers I will remind myself why I am doing it. I am doing it to raise essential money for Alzheimers Society to help with the undeniably incredible work they do to help not only the sufferer but also the family, friends and carers of anyone suffering from dementia.

Day 7 Sunrise

Day 7 – 45 to 50 minute Easy Run

Out bright, breezy and bushy tailed this morning for Day 7.  -3° on set off and a beautiful, bright, crisp and fresh morning. 

I always find the 1st mile hard, but this morning was nearly all downhill so it was a breeze. I decided to take a turn past Alexander Stadium and I am so very glad I did. Turning the corner into the stadium I caught the most gorgeous sunrise. 

Getting to see something as gorgeous as a red glowing sun lighting up the sky was a true treat and makes getting out of bed early on a Sunday morning fully worthwhile.

By the time I got home the sun was gone so I felt rather blessed yet again that I run.

Running With Us

Saturday 14th January was a day I probably won’t forget.

I had the great honour of not only visiting Alzheimers Society HQ but also of experiencing a group training session with the amazing Nick and Mel from Running with Us

From start to finish the day was fun, informative and inspiring. I learnt that whilst I thought running 3-4 times a week was good the way I was running was not actually training my body and heart to improve my performance.

I had shy’d away from threshold training, partly as I didn’t understand it and partly because I enjoy running, but at my pace. Threshold training filled me with dread and scared me that I would end up hating running.

I learnt about running style, how to stretch properly after a running session and to stretch daily, about protein replacements and energy gels and much more.

Most importantly I learnt how I am going to make it through this marathon and across the finish line fit and well.

Alzheimers Society gave me an insight into their amazing work and a valuable insight into training my body to run 26.2 miles.

For that I thank them. 

Starting 2017…..

With a bang

2017 is going to be one heck of a year and I am charging into it as I mean to go on.

In October I will be running my first marathon. Training started weeks ago (sort of), proper training started this week.

With the huge honour of running for The Alzheimers Society I intend to smash this run.
Next Saturday I am lucky enough to have been invited down to London to The Alzheimers Societies HQ for a training session to help guide me on the best course possible. 

2017 will be my year.

Stay with me and see how it progresses.