DAY 1 Marathon Training

​DAY 1 kicks off my marathon training. I simply can’t believe this day is here.  6 months ago I sat in a Marathon training session with Alzheimer’s Society in London and was told it was way to early to start training and I had to wait until June to begin. 

It felt like an age away but now here it is. 😨😨 Todays training involved a 4am HIIT session (which  included the impossible 2 Point plank) followed by a very windy cycle to work. Praying it dies down for my journey home! 


30 Day Thigh Challenge

My thighs and bottom have always been my problem area, no matter how much weight I lose, or how hard I try I have always hated them and have always been self-conscious of the way I look!  I have always dreamed of the ‘perfect’ pair of legs.  In honesty though, what is the perfect pair of legs?  Who has the perfect pair of legs and how do you get them?  Everyone’s perception is different and everyone’s desire is different.

My perception and desire is a beautiful pair of toned, not overly muscly and definately not stick thin, (I say that because I will never be stick thin so why dream it)  I could however achieve the toned aspect, but how?

I run, I cycle and I walk, all of these use your legs, they all use different muscles so why are they not toning and shaping my thighs and bottom?  Compared to when i started 3 years ago my body has changed dramatically but is still not where I want it to be.

(Me 3 years ago)

Me 2017 January (left) and April (right)


My top half loves toning up and does so very easily, when I lose a few pounds sadly it always comes off my already very small top half, never my problem thighs and butt!

So after trying, trying, trying and not succeeding I am giving The Cycling Bug’s 30 Thigh Challenge a go.

I am on Day 9 now and today’s requirement was:

30 x Inner Thigh Lifts (on each leg)

35 x Scissors (these never fail to make me chuckle)

15 x Fire Hydrant (on each leg)

I cannot see a difference yet and am presuming that perhaps I won’t, but I do feel a difference, I can feel the exercises working and as the days progress the repetitions increase it is only going to get harder/better.  Plus these exercises are designed to not only tone but also strengthen this area so it really is win win, the stronger the better with the challenges I have ahead of me

I have also started adding my own little bit on the end of 3 sets of 12 Dead Lifts.

Toned, gorgeous thighs here I come…… butt next

Perfect Start to a Day

What an absolutely perfect start to my day.

4am wake up, well 4.10am after 2 snooze hits….zzzzzzzzz, not being 100% sure what the weather would be doing I slid out of bed with trepidation.  Dry outside, well that was a bonus and my phone telling me it was 2 degrees, not too cold.
I started the day with a 30 minute easy pace run from my training plan, whilst I still struggle staying in easy I did do loads better and got 65% within Zone 2 (easy), and 34% in zone 3 (steady).  I ran for 37 minutes, covered 3.69 miles and had a pace of 10.07 min/mile.  It was fresh outside, cooler than I expected and a little slippy underfoot in places but I had a great run.

I am not quite sure whether it is the lure on tonight’s pancakes and wanting to be able to eat them and not feel guilty, the red wine I intend to drink later, (pre birthday treat), the meal tomorrow night at my mom and dads, hopefully with cake, the deep seated desire not to have to get the bus or just sheer madness that pushed me to make the decision to walk to work.  Whatever is was I am so glad that I did, I got to see the most incredible sunrise, heard the birds singing and just gave myself the best possible start to the day.

My walk covered 4.05 miles in exactly 1 hour at a pace of 14.51 min/mile and I spent 53% in Zone 2, how does that work then?

I really have set myself up for a great day, I feel, revived, calm and extremely happy.
Just goes to show that exercise really does release happy endorphins, here’s to a truly great day. x

80 Minute Long Run

Today’s training run was 80 minutes, pace Easy.

I set up my watch but stupidly set two alerts on it, one for heart rate min and max, the other for pace min and max. I was so determined to stay within the easy zone, but after 10 minutes massively regretted the two alerts they drove me potty. What went through my head when I thought both would be useful??? 

Staying within the easy heart rate zone is so difficult I feel at times that I would be walking if I slowed down enough to keep my heart rate as low as it should be within this zone.  There apparently is method behind the madness and I am learning the whys from. Dr Phillip Maffetone’s book as we speak.  His philosophy and teaching is to slow right back, from what I have read each person he has trained also struggles and cannot understand the reasoning behind it but go on to say it really works.  I will keep trying though I am sure I will get there. 

Today was also my first try with energy gels, with it being an 80 Minute run I thought I would give one a go. In honesty I am really not sure I like them, sickly sweet and of course ever so slightly warm from being in my pocket! Thankfully I had been warned not to down the whole lot in one go, in actual fact I only managed half anyway. Perhaps they are an acquired taste and will grow on me, perhaps I will find other ways to fuel my body for the marathon!!?? 

With my long runs increasing I think I may need something to keep me going during them and when I think in October I have to run the distance between home and Droitwich nothing short of a small miracle with suffice. 

Wonderful Weekend

Friday was such a great day. I pushed my boundaries and ran a training session then rode to work. Usually I would do one or the other.

I did this mainly because I knew I was going to miss a session Saturday with a long day travelling looking for a new car for my husband.

Saturday was a really long day over 400 miles including a drive through London, and then from London down to Somerset. Both places bared fruitless. 

This morning I had the sheer joy of running the area I grew up in. Staying over at my parents I had an amazing run. It was fresh and crisp a little slippy underfoot in places but I saw another amazing sunrise, coming up over a slight fog. 

I had a 6o minute target and in that ran 7.1 miles, smashed my 10k time and loved every single second. I wasn’t pushing myself as the run was down as easy pace but even doing that I still smashed my 1ok time, I am so thrilled.

After only 3 weeks on the training plan i can already see and feel it working better than  I could ever have dreamed. 

I am so excited to start week 4. Run 1 is going to be with a 4 legged partner!!! Fingers crossed it will work out well and not a total disaster! 


Rest Day

Rest days are always a bit of a struggle. You feel you need to rest but then have the urge to get out there and go for it.

The rest is almost as important and the training though. Your body and muscles need time to repair and in fairness so does your mind. Training pushes every part of you mentally and physically so taking time out is required to ensure not only optimal performance but also the desire to keep pushing.

My rest day today has been used trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow mornings Progression Training. 

10 minutes easy pace, 10 minutes comfort pace and 10 minutes threshold. Easy and comfort not a problem, threshold however, for 10 minutes I am dreading. I know I will do it or at least give it my all in trying and I know this because I want it so much and know to achieve my end goal I have too.


Joe Wicks on Pre-order

Joe Wicks has built himself quite a reputation on the health and fitness scene. 
With three smash hit books under his belt and now a fantastic workout DVD too. 

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Not having done HIIT before I cannot wait for this package of fitness to land on my doorstep and give it a go. 

Updates to follow…..

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