Retiring my Asics

Well the time has come I fear ūüė£

It is time to retire my faithful Asics. With a heavy heart I say this.

Why I the heavy heart? After all they are just trainers?

No these Asics are more than just trainers to me.

  1. They were my first pair of proper running shoes
  2. I saved for weeks and did loads of additional work to pay for them
  3. They saw me through my first painful runs
  4. They trained with me for my first 10k race
  5. They ran my first 10k with me and got me my best time
  6. They trained with me for my first half marathon
  7. They ran my first half marathon with me 
  8. They have been with me rain or shine, uphill and down, the long and short, the fast and slow

I love my Asics they always felt like air, everytime I put them on and have never given me blisters or pains.

Until recently, now I can feel every step, my knees have started feeling it and my hip. It is recommended that you change your runners every 300 to 500 miles and these little beauties have more than covered the average, but loyalty to them (and the dreaded cost to replace) have stopped me retiring them sooner.

Goes to show that good trainers really are worth their weight in gold.

My Adidas are my back up pair but I will definitely be saving again for another pair of Gel Nimbus they have done me proud and seen me through things I never thought possible.

Thank you Asics between you and me, my life is so different now and running has become my friend not my enemy.