Bad Run Day 

So I didn’t love that run, but I did it. 

At so many stages I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. I even thought about calling my hubby to pick me up, but I didn’t. 

I have run further and faster than today before now but never struggled quite as much. Maybe the ride yesterday took a toll or maybe the humidity. I just don’t know. 

The main thing is I didn’t quit and whilst it may not have been my favorite run there were parts that made me smile, 2 young kids cheering me on, for that I thank them! The cows lazing under a tree, such beautiful creatures. All of the wildlife I have seen and also getting most of the run in countryside. So all in all not my best but still worth it. 😊


DAY 1 Marathon Training

​DAY 1 kicks off my marathon training. I simply can’t believe this day is here.  6 months ago I sat in a Marathon training session with Alzheimer’s Society in London and was told it was way to early to start training and I had to wait until June to begin. 

It felt like an age away but now here it is. 😨😨 Todays training involved a 4am HIIT session (which  included the impossible 2 Point plank) followed by a very windy cycle to work. Praying it dies down for my journey home! 

Marathon Fever

A massive and huge Well Done to each and every runner today. Marathon fever has well and truly taken over me.

I had the pleasure yesterday of a trip to London and seeing the finish line on The Mall was electric. Watching the 50,000 ish people cross the line today on TV was even more exciting. 

From the Elite runners to runners like me the dedication and passion that each and everyone of them has put into training for this event oozes from their being. There were also acts of extreme kindness, one blew me away and reduced me to tears. David Wyeth had run and pretty incredible race in a truly amazing time but just 200 metres from the finish line he began to struggle, looking like he would not be able to carry on Matthew Rees assisted David to the finish. Forfeiting a possible PB himself. 

To me this act re-enforces the spirit and kind nature of the human race and the true comerardare of a marathon.

The ballot for 2018’s London Marathon opens on 1st May and 100% I will be putting my application in. To have a chance of securing a place in next year’s marathon fills me with excitement, drive, commitment and passion. 

I want this so badly and whether it’s next year or the year after one year I will be there and I will cross that line.

Running With Us

Saturday 14th January was a day I probably won’t forget.

I had the great honour of not only visiting Alzheimers Society HQ but also of experiencing a group training session with the amazing Nick and Mel from Running with Us

From start to finish the day was fun, informative and inspiring. I learnt that whilst I thought running 3-4 times a week was good the way I was running was not actually training my body and heart to improve my performance.

I had shy’d away from threshold training, partly as I didn’t understand it and partly because I enjoy running, but at my pace. Threshold training filled me with dread and scared me that I would end up hating running.

I learnt about running style, how to stretch properly after a running session and to stretch daily, about protein replacements and energy gels and much more.

Most importantly I learnt how I am going to make it through this marathon and across the finish line fit and well.

Alzheimers Society gave me an insight into their amazing work and a valuable insight into training my body to run 26.2 miles.

For that I thank them.