Green Tea X50

Green Tea still being top of most people’s healthy drink list .  I am not sure about you but I physically cannot stomach Green Tea, the taste is well, to be polite, awful.  I have tried the ready flavoured, the flavour yourself and plain and no matter how much I tried to convince myself they still tasted awful.

Green Tea X50 from Tribeca Health is something totally different.  Available in 9 different flavours: Mango, Peach, Raspberry, Lemon and Ginger, Tropical, Passionfruit, Original, Pina Colada and Chocolate there really is something to suit everyone’s taste buds.  Supplied in single serving sachets of powder which you simply add to chilled water and shake it could not be more convenient.

Each serving of X50 has the polyphenol equivalent of up to 20 cups of regular green tea, it is gluten free and vegan friendly.  Containing electrolytes and essential amino acids and vitamin C, X50 is the perfect after workout drink repairing your body efficiently, perfect for busy lifestyles on the go.

Helping you along with any detox, increasing your energy and metabolism, burning fat, and aiding digestion the benefits from these little sachets are immense.  Just 1 a day and you will feel amazing and containing only 10 calories per sachet where can you go wrong?

Originally lauched and widely available in Australian Health Clubs and Spas X50 was introduced to me by my best friend, who on a visit was drinking this very odd looking liquid, on questioning what it was she promptly disappeared to mix me my own little cocktail and then my love for it started.  I cannot believe that the dreaded Green Tea is the main make up of this drink as it tastes so good and when you put that with the massive health benefits X50 has become part of my every day routine.

For the last year or so my friend has shipped X50 to me, but now thankfully it is available to order within the UK so gone are my huge shipping costs.





Edamame are a young soy Bean, picked before they harden and used widely in cuisine from China, Japan, Hawaii and Korea. 

On top of being really tasty and a wonderful snack or meal accompaniment they are little wonders packed full of protein, (155 grams contains 18.5g) iron, calcium and all of the essential amino acids your body needs, plus they are low in sugar and fat and calories.

They have been linked to lowering cholesterol, aiding with the menopause, reducing the risk of certain cancers and lowering the risk of bone loss (osteoporosis). 

They come in their own pod/shell which is inedible, once removed they need cooking very quickly for 3-5 minutes in boiling water then just nibbled on. Or have fun with the by adding seasoning, sauces or simply sprinkling with salt. 

They are becoming so popular you can find them in the frozen Isle or in the ready prepared section of most supermarkets/health stores.

The perfect snack anytime and perfect to back up an active lifestyle. 

Power Smoothie

I gave it my all during this morning HIIT at Home workout and really felt the benefit. Every interval was given 100% effort. I still struggle a little with the Abs section but I am starting to improve and can see the benefits.

I can’t eat breakfast at the time I have to leave home so take it on the go to work with me. Whilst I don’t think smoothies are the ideal breakfast every day they are the easiest on the go breakfast going. 

Today I threw together my own little concoction and I have to say it has worked so well, it tastes delicious. 

With 320 calories, 11g of fat and 30g of protein it is a great post workout refuel. 


250ml Coconut Water

50g frozen forest fruits

1tbsp Almond Butter

2tbsp Natural Greek yogurt

1 scoop Banana Protein Powder

Filling, nutritious and very tasty. 


Yummy Scrummy Brekkie


I so enjoyed today’s breakfast, a bit of a concoction taken from a few different recipes that I have seen over the last few months and one that i truly did not expect to work, but wow it really did!

Full of protein and goodness perfect post workout!

2tsp Chia Seeds

1tsp Macca Powder

50ml Almond Milk

Mix these three ingredients together and leave overnight.

100g Natural Greek Yogurt

1 Kiwi

1 Clementine

A handful of mixed berries

A few walnut halves

Mix the yogurt, kiwi and clementine together put on top of the over night Chia Seeds and then put the berries and nuts on top of that.




New Nutrition with Nutricode

6 years of research have gone into putting together this perfect collection of life supplements.

Nutricode have released 5 packages to compliment each other and every area of your life. 

Inner Balance 

Which is the perfect solution for removing excess acids from your body caused by drinking too much coffee, unhealthy eating like processed foods and sweets, and alcohol.

This build up can cause tiredness, bad moods, excess water, lack of energy, frequent colds, abdominal distension and much more. 

Rebalance your body and live life to the full.

Slim Extreme

This is a weight loss enhancement system, containing appetite suppressant to help stop you picking or overeating.

It contains glucomannan a highly effective body mass reduction ally and zinc to help even out your blood sugar and looks after your metabolism.

And has properties to help keep your hair and skin looking and feeling beautiful. 

Vitality Boost 

Keeping your body and mind on top form all day everyday. 

If you feel tired or lethargic as soon as you wake, need naps during the day, don’t learn as fast as you used to Vitality Boost is perfect for you.

Keeping you sharp and alert during the day and aiding a full restful nights sleep your body and mind will never have felt better.


Vitamin C has always been known to boost your immunity. The vitamin C contained within Immuno is derived from Acerlo fruit (Barbados Cherry) it is a superfruit with over 3o times more Vitamin C than a lemon. Also containing Wild Rose high in bioflavonoids a natural antioxidant. 

Give your body a boost to help its immune system fight against all those nasties out there. 

Hair Skin Nails

Let your beauty shine from within.

A perfect combination of ingredients to give you strong hair, nails and velvety skin.

Containing copper, iron, zinc, vitamin E and enriched with brewers yeast. All known for enhancing your hair, Skin and nails.

Never be afraid to Shine. 

The Nutricode Ap

All of this is backed up by a fantastic ap designed to help you live a healthy energy packed life and compliment each of the supplement systems.

Fats Me Up Smoothie

What a fab start to any day.

Nutritious, filling and so tasty. 

My son just loves this smoothie frozen as as lollipop. (Little does he know it contains his arch enemy The Avocado!!)

Taken from Joe Wicks, Lean In 15.  It is one of his low carb recipies perfect for your rest days.

It surprises me that a liquid drink can actually full you up and keep you full until lunch time and without the addition of any nasty bulking agents. 

100% natural and fresh so all of the nutrients from the avocado, Greek yogurt, limes and fruits are at their best. 

Joe Wicks on Pre-order

Joe Wicks has built himself quite a reputation on the health and fitness scene. 
With three smash hit books under his belt and now a fantastic workout DVD too. 

On pre -order with Amazon and expected by 23rd December (😆😆😆 mucho excited) you can now work out with Joe in a series of 7 different HIIT workouts. Along with warm up, cool down routines and expert nutritional advice. 

Not having done HIIT before I cannot wait for this package of fitness to land on my doorstep and give it a go. 

Updates to follow…..

Get yours on Pre-order from Amazon for guaranteed delivery to you on the release day (if not before) ❤