Bad Run Day 

So I didn’t love that run, but I did it. 

At so many stages I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. I even thought about calling my hubby to pick me up, but I didn’t. 

I have run further and faster than today before now but never struggled quite as much. Maybe the ride yesterday took a toll or maybe the humidity. I just don’t know. 

The main thing is I didn’t quit and whilst it may not have been my favorite run there were parts that made me smile, 2 young kids cheering me on, for that I thank them! The cows lazing under a tree, such beautiful creatures. All of the wildlife I have seen and also getting most of the run in countryside. So all in all not my best but still worth it. ūüėä


Tough Run – 14/11/16


and today was one of those days!

Right from the offset things appeared to be against me.

Amazon Music kept buffering, its never done it before so I couldn’t figure out why it was.  1 1/2 miles in i decided i just had to stop and sort it out, running with music….great, running with no music….. liveable, running with no music but headphones in and you get every breath in stereo…. very off putting!  After faffing with the phone for a while I eventually discovered mobile data was off! Dopey (well it was 4.30am!) and after a night on the sofa due to Mr H’s snoring I probably wasn’t the freshest.

My first mile is always tough but then usually i find my pace and flow into it, today i just couldn’t do it.  

I have to say I was very pleased to finally finish, but I didn’t go down without a fight and did a slightly longer route than usual.

It may have hurt and there may have been moments I wanted to stop and go back. I didn’t give up though and it really did feel so good.