Edamame are a young soy Bean, picked before they harden and used widely in cuisine from China, Japan, Hawaii and Korea. 

On top of being really tasty and a wonderful snack or meal accompaniment they are little wonders packed full of protein, (155 grams contains 18.5g) iron, calcium and all of the essential amino acids your body needs, plus they are low in sugar and fat and calories.

They have been linked to lowering cholesterol, aiding with the menopause, reducing the risk of certain cancers and lowering the risk of bone loss (osteoporosis). 

They come in their own pod/shell which is inedible, once removed they need cooking very quickly for 3-5 minutes in boiling water then just nibbled on. Or have fun with the by adding seasoning, sauces or simply sprinkling with salt. 

They are becoming so popular you can find them in the frozen Isle or in the ready prepared section of most supermarkets/health stores.

The perfect snack anytime and perfect to back up an active lifestyle. 


New Nutrition with Nutricode

6 years of research have gone into putting together this perfect collection of life supplements.

Nutricode have released 5 packages to compliment each other and every area of your life. 

Inner Balance 

Which is the perfect solution for removing excess acids from your body caused by drinking too much coffee, unhealthy eating like processed foods and sweets, and alcohol.

This build up can cause tiredness, bad moods, excess water, lack of energy, frequent colds, abdominal distension and much more. 

Rebalance your body and live life to the full.

Slim Extreme

This is a weight loss enhancement system, containing appetite suppressant to help stop you picking or overeating.

It contains glucomannan a highly effective body mass reduction ally and zinc to help even out your blood sugar and looks after your metabolism.

And has properties to help keep your hair and skin looking and feeling beautiful. 

Vitality Boost 

Keeping your body and mind on top form all day everyday. 

If you feel tired or lethargic as soon as you wake, need naps during the day, don’t learn as fast as you used to Vitality Boost is perfect for you.

Keeping you sharp and alert during the day and aiding a full restful nights sleep your body and mind will never have felt better.


Vitamin C has always been known to boost your immunity. The vitamin C contained within Immuno is derived from Acerlo fruit (Barbados Cherry) it is a superfruit with over 3o times more Vitamin C than a lemon. Also containing Wild Rose high in bioflavonoids a natural antioxidant. 

Give your body a boost to help its immune system fight against all those nasties out there. 

Hair Skin Nails

Let your beauty shine from within.

A perfect combination of ingredients to give you strong hair, nails and velvety skin.

Containing copper, iron, zinc, vitamin E and enriched with brewers yeast. All known for enhancing your hair, Skin and nails.

Never be afraid to Shine. 

The Nutricode Ap

All of this is backed up by a fantastic ap designed to help you live a healthy energy packed life and compliment each of the supplement systems.

No Run Thursday 

Feeling rather under the weather today.

With the next training session scheduled for today I just couldn’t face it and I gave in.

A bit dissapointed with myself that I let this beat me but then just walking the dogs left me fighting for breath so a run could very well be the worst thing for me

Very tempted to grab the paracetamol but resisting the urge and instead trying out an age old remedy of honey, lemon and ginger in hot water.

Each one has its own healing benefits and revitalise and boost your immune system. Helping in fighting off the cold symptoms.
Feeling better already!!!